Day in History 26 February – Bukka White

On this day in 1977, delta blues guitarist and singer, Bukka White, died from cancer in Memphis, Tennessee at the age of 70.  Born Booker T. Washington White on 12 November 1909 between Aberdeen and Houston, Washington.  “Bukka” was not a nickname, but a phonetic misspelling of White’s given name Booker, by his second (1937) record label (Vocalion).  White himself disliked the spelling “Bukka” and preferred to be called Booker.  White was a cousin of B.B. King, and gave him a Stella guitar, King’s first guitar.  In my opinion, his best songs are; “Shake ’em on Down”, “Po’ Boy”, “Fixin’ to Die Blues” and “Parchman Farm Blues”.  The Final Footprint – White is interred in New Park Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee.  His grave is marked by an individual granite marker with the epitaph; LOVED BY ALL.

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